When Is Halloween 2015?

Question: When Is Halloween 2015?

Halloween is the eve or vigil of All Hallows Day or All Saints Day, an important Catholic feast. What is the date of Halloween 2015?

Answer: Halloween falls on Saturday, October 31, 2015. It should not be confused with All Souls Day, which falls on the day after All Saints Day.

Some Christians—including, in recent years, some Catholics—have come to believe that Halloween is a pagan or even satanic holiday in which Christians should not take part. As I show in Halloween, Jack Chick, and Anti-Catholicism, this idea is intimately connected to fundamentalist attacks on the Catholic Church. You can learn more about the Catholic origins of Halloween in Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween?, Halloween: A Catholic View, and Is Halloween Anti-Christian? And you can find tips to help you teach your children about the Christian elements of Halloween in Celebrating Halloween.


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