5 Costume Trends for Halloween 2015

As day by day and year by year for Halloween costume market is providing new costume every year because of the competition in the market. With changing in the taste of customer and fashion of the Halloween costume the producer has to give new for their customer for every year. Now let us discuss about 5 most obvious trends costume for the Halloween party that you can buy from your nearest local shop or you can purchase from the website like amazon and wear for your Halloween party. This 5 top costume for Halloween party is accordance to your favorite TV star, Hollywood star who have wear it at a time of shooting a film.

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1. Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands
This costume is from the film name Edward Scissorhands which were wearing by Johnny Depp in this film and it was released in cinemas in the US on December 6th 1990. On releasing after the two decades all people eyes were upon the Johnny Depp character on the big screen. On that time for search on Google for that costume of Edward Scissorhands has been increases on the large number on the month of the October for the Halloween party. This suggested that it is still a very popular costume for man and women to transform into that year again.

2. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
This costume is from TV show serial name The Walking Dead which was the first starting on television network AMC on the Halloween night 2010 in US. This shows proving the biggest hit in the history of the cable channel.The serial Walking Dead is the 35th highest rated TV show in all of television serial.The popularity of the series is huge. The fourth season is also starting just before Halloween in America. This will lead to zombies everywhere as a costume choice for Men, women and children.There is wide range available for official masks, make-up kits and costumes of this serial.

3. The Hobbit

The Hobbit
The Hobbit
The hobbit costume for Halloween party is a good chose for the man; this film is released in US in December 14th 2012. The books of hobbit were always popular and the popularity of this film is huge. According to Google trends the search for the hobbit costume is increased tenfold after the releasing of this film.Hobbit costumes are available for kids and adults.

4. Superman

By Lore Sjoberg under CC BY 2.0

This film was released on June 19th 2013. The superman is also known as Man of Steel.It was the first Superman movie in about seven years.That most of people demand of the character will inspire dress like Superman for Halloween party. This is good outfit for man for the Halloween party.

5. Carrie

The Carrie is horror film of 1976 based on the novel by Stephen King. This film generates enough publicity so the women’s who were seeking new costume get the ideas.It actually is more than perfect for a Halloween party.


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