Makeup of Black Dahlia on Halloween : Halloween Makeup Ideas

Black Dahlia and Halloween - A murder mystery or ghostly act- Black Dahlia :

Black Dahlia had always remained a topic of suspense from past 67 years. A deadly story, a story that could scare anyone, could leave limitless jaws open. A story that could leave anyone to horror and can raise question to humanity! The first time when you will rendezvous with this name you may wonder if this is a name of any species of a Dahlia but surprisingly this name was given to a beautiful lady, name Elizabeth Sort by media.

Story of her death

This lady was killed in a very suspicious and inhuman manner on 15th January, 1947. Her body was cut into two half from waist and had cut marks on her breast and her face. Her face was turned so horrified that it was tough to believe it was a human task.

Most interesting part about her death, This was the first murder where numbers of people came forward to take the blame of her murder.


Some people term it as a festive of Hell or Devil but the reality is it is a celebration of the completion of growing season. It proclaims the commencement of winter and also reveals folk stories where the gap between the dead and living will be built when living will shroud as dead. These traditions had travelled from the corners of Celts and a combination of Catholic and Roman rituals which has taken the form of today’s Halloween.

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Black Dahlia and Halloween

Black Dahlia is among the popular makeup style during Halloween. Guys actually love to take the form of this beautiful ghost. Whenever anyone decides to take the form of Black Dahlia, they want to portray Hollywood picturesque starlet Elizabeth and her dreadful end as Black Dahlia.

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Makeup of Black Dahlia on Halloween

Firstly you need to dab foundation on the corners of the mouth. Put a piece of tissue on it and ensure that it sticks there. Stick it properly. Put some more tissue there. Repeat it on both sides. Apply foundation on entire face including the tissue area. Apply face powder on top of it. Use Mac brush on your Check bone and corners of forehead as well as on forehead. Add more face powder under the eye area so that you get complete fair look. Use a dull brown eye shadow for the eyelid and cover it all over the eye. Put black marker on the eyebrows. Use dust line over the eyebrow and blend. Wear eye liner in a thicker manner crossing eyebrows. Make an extra eyebrow with brush. Put a stick in between the tissue area. Make it loose and then cut from between with the help of scissor. Be careful! Apply red color in the torned area with the help of painting brush. Put a dark colored lipstick above the lips also. Add a beautiful hat to give a complete look. Don’t forget wearing her favorite necklace. You are ready as Black Dahlia. Go and surprise everyone around you with this look! So for this Halloween you are prepared!


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