Fun Halloween Crafts Made From Paper

Spend an afternoon crafting with one the simplest — and cheapest — of materials: paper.

Dark Door Décor
Design a foreboding, Poe-inspired wreath using a more welcoming material: crepe-paper party streamers. For less than $3 (including the faux raven), you, too, can greet guests with an eerie display.

Entryway Invaders
Show visitors that you’ve gone batty for the holiday with this display of flying interlopers. Choose a couple sizes for your bat cutouts and stagger their placement for a more realistic flock.

Spooky Silhouettes
If you can cut and glue, these sophisticated frames are well within your crafting capabilities. Search online to find spooky shapes to trace and trim, then paste onto lovely backing paper before tucking into frames.

Witches Afoot
These impressively designed shoes, crafted from cardstock, do double duty as decorations or party favors (when filled with candy). Just beware of sock-footed witches coming back to claim what’s theirs!

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Fuss-Free Flowers
A bouquet of paper mums in seasonal shades shines as a no-maintenance centerpiece. For an interesting contrast, alternate between mixed tissue paper and pages of an old book. If you don’t have a Sizzix die-cutting tool, pinking shears and some patience will yield the same effect.

Sweet Sachets
Treat your family to these candy-filled packets, sewn shut using brown paper and contrasting thread. It helps if you’re a quick sew, but don’t fret if you’re not an expert seamstress — you can imagine how quickly munchkins will tear into them.

Pumpkin Garland
A string of perky pumpkins brings orange zest to a holiday display, indoors or out. Use two shades of orange to vary the look of these hollow paper pumpkins, which are cut from a template and folded into shape.

Festive Faces
The trick to perfecting these precisely cut paper Jack o’ lanterns? Use a similar folding technique as you would to make paper snowflakes. (Pretty, high-quality paper helps, too.)


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