Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids sure have it made for Halloween. On top of all the fun activities and treats, some kids are lucky enough to receive gifts as well. A Halloween present doesn't have to be pricey. The following ideas are not only great for kids, but great for the pocketbook as well.

Halloween Gift Baskets

A Halloween gift basket can make for a fun gift for kids. These can be easily made. Take a plastic pumpkin, like the kind kids use for trick or treating, and fill it with small toys and treats. As kids get so many food items loaded with sugar, consider adding some healthy snacks instead. More information can be found in the article Healthy Halloween Snacks – Healthy Halloween Treats.

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Halloween Gift Ideas

A Halloween book not only is a fun gift to receive, but encourages reading as well. A couple books to consider are The Night Before Halloween by Natasha Wing and Scary,Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting and Jan Brett. Most kids love music, especially songs to dance to. "Halloween Dance Party Music for Kids" by Halloween Party Monsters and "Kidz Bop Halloween" by Kids for Kids offer a variety of well known Halloween songs.

Kids love to color. A new box of crayons and a Halloween coloring book can bring lots of fun. If money is an issue, there are lots of online sites that offer free printable coloring pages. For children who enjoy games, there are Halloween themed games like the Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Ring Toss Game and Halloween Bean Bag Toss Game. A Halloween puzzle can also be a cool gift.

Of course there are always gift cards. Suggestions include a book store, movie theater, video game store, and Toys R Us. If wanting to do something homemade, a tasty batch of cookies in a decorative container will delight most children. Don't forget about a movie. Suggestions can be found in the article Kids Halloween Movies – Family Halloween Movies.

When selecting Halloween gifts for children, be sure to keep it age appropriate. What may seem harmless to an adult, could be quite frightening to a young child. With so many reasonably priced gifts, a person doesn't have to break the bank in order to buy a present.

With all the fun activities and treats kids get to partake in, receiving a Halloween gift will surely be the icing on the cake for the child. Whether practical or fun, there are lots of choices for kids Halloween gifts.

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