Happy Halloween Ideas

Halloween is a spooky, ghoulish holiday that encourages goblins of all sizes to let loose and have fun. Some people go trick-or-treating while others choose to celebrate at a costume party or a quieter affair. Consider some ideas to make Halloween happy, no matter how you choose to celebrate the holiday.
Happy Halloween Ideas

Halloween Costumes

One way to make Halloween happy is to wear a costume. Choose a funny costume such as a clown or a novelty item like a roll of toilet paper. Or consider wearing a scary costume such as a ghost, goblin or zombie or a costume that resembles a popular television star or movie character. Buy costumes at costume stores or at big box stores during the fall of the year or make your own costume out of simple craft materials.
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Decorations will create a festive appearance whether you are having a large Halloween party or just having a few trick-or-treaters stop by. Create a "Happy Halloween" banner by cutting out pumpkins, ghosts and black cats out of construction paper. Write the letters to the phrase, "Happy Halloween" on each of the items and tape them to a string to create a banner to hang over a doorway or at a party venue. Use orange and black balloons, streamers and table linens. Carve a jack-o-lantern to sit on a table top or on a front step to welcome guests.
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Make your own edible treats to hand out to party guests and friends for Halloween. Halloween treats include cupcakes decorated to look like pumpkins and round suckers draped in white fabric to resemble a ghost. Make caramel apples and add hard candy, candy corn and chocolate chips to create scary or cute monster faces. Another treat is to make a spider out of crackers and pretzels. Sandwich two round crackers together with peanut butter and stick pretzel sticks into the peanut butter to serve as the spider's legs. Use two raisins or chocolate chips as the eyes.
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Other Happy Halloween Ideas

Make a child's Halloween happy by giving a Halloween-themed gift bag filled with goodies. Turn a brown paper lunch bag into a pumpkin treat bag by painting it orange, filling it with goodies and tying a green ribbon around the top.

Other Happy Halloween ideas visiting a pumpkin patch, making Halloween cards and treats for neighbors, friends and family and attending a costume contest or fall harvest festival.


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